Wednesday, June 6, 2012

OK so today we have some updates! A lot has happened since  2008 but here are some highlights and lows-

Lost the dog- love my drew  (he is the most precious)

Traveled to Costa Rica - Beautiful 

Ran Three more Half Marathons

Took up Yoga

Got Married- Love my David XOXOOX

Traveled to St. John - Beautiful!Snorkeling is amazing!

but the reason why i am blogging  is because of this:

it all started with Jacquie's Cucumber.I told her it looked like a chode and off the conversation went- 
People apparently don't know what a chode is  and i was talking about it with my girlfriends at the office and I discovered that they have no idea what it is so for those who don't know the urban dictionary gives a good description for people so they have an idea of what we are talking about. Then they stated that i need to start a blog so here goes- I am blogging again!
 Funny you think you will never have the opportunity to speak of such things and then you do- it all started with Jacquie's Cucumber!! Life is short so i am happy People have the opportunity to laugh and cut up.No time to hate

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Poppa reading stories to my niece Ada - she loves books.. She seems to think they taste good too.

Oscar the grouch was totally the mood he was in that day - Can't blame lil Nolan he had alot of action that week.. Up north at Mimi and Poppas house is very exhausting

Drew lounging in his favorite place- poor dave has lost his chair forever!

My neice -Lil Ada in her boston Red Sox hat-
She is sooo cute!